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My Story

I made my first million at the age of 21.
I attended the school of life - I networked and taught myself everything about Film and Television production, distribution, and content creation.

In 1990 launched my first Business in partnership with my mother, Alexandra Yacovlef, and our high profile clientele included 11 International Media companies and acquired over 150 films for international release.

With a long track record of success in an ever-changing industry. I have been called an independent thinker and innovator, taking on various roles as distribution and development consultant, prolific producer, and liaison office for international companies and talent.

I am currently a Partner at LITTLE STUDIO FILMS since 2000 and have been behind the production, distribution, and financing of films that became Oscar winners and Box Office blockbusters.
Through the years I have acquired, on behalf of our international distributor clients, film and television shows from all over the world for release in the Middle East, Italy, Greece, Spain, Canada, South America and Australia.

I attend major film and tv markets, including Cannes Film Festival, American Film Market, TIFF, Berlinale, and NATPE.

As believer in the convergence of business, mindset, and the arts, I launched a Podcast, THE HEART OF SHOW BUSINESS, to celebrate excellence in Hollywood and beyond.

I am fluent in five languages (Italian, Greek, French, Spanish and English) and support environmental causes and animal advocacy.

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"I chose to be responsible for how I create the future for myself and the future generations through the arts and storytelling".


My Vision


What do you value the most? The story or the storyteller? Every business or creation has a story. The story is its product, its brand, its content, its vision, its mission, its pitch, its growth, its audience. But the storyteller is the mastermind behind it all. There is a reason we think of Elon Musk for Tesla, or Richard Branson for Virgin, or Alfred Hitchcock for Hollywood noir thrillers.
Become a powerful storyteller- in business and in life. This will make you unforgettable.


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