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POWER HOUR STRATEGY SESSIONS - let me review your project and career and help you find the path to success and revenue.

MONTHLY COACHING - let me be your mentor on-demand to elevate your personal brand, business reach, and project.

CONCIERGE STYLE REPRESENTATION - let me open the doors for you to the right buyer and partners.


Work With Me

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What I offer to content creators

YOUR GATEWAY TO HOLLYWOOD AND BEYOND - vertical integration partnerships for unique brands and businesses with Hollywood creatives.


PIVOTING TOWARDS THE NEW NORMAL - small group masterminds with an introduction to new tips and hacks to leverage your business through Social Media platforms.

I have been working in the Hollywood Film and TV industry for the past 2 decades. I spent 25 years in the trenches and I have access to unprecedented insider information on the workings of the film and entertainment industry on a global scale.

I will help you get back on the driver’s seat of your career with skills building and mindset techniques that will give you the confidence and clarity you need to gain traction and momentum for your projects. 

We will bridge the gap between theory and action, and design a blueprint for personal success that will make you feel empowered and equipped with the tools you need to put your best foot forward as a content creator and artist.

What I offer to businesses
Why work with me?
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60 mins DISCOVERY call

A first assessment and discovery call where I'll give you precious information on how to get ready for the industry and take your project to the next level.


One-on-One Coaching

My signature coaching and consulting sessions are designed to assist you and inspire your creative process at any stage, from its inception to distribution...



Over the course of four weekends, you will have the opportunity to learn how Hollywood truly works, through the lens of an insider.  Conducted in AMA...

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