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An Insiders Secret: Mastering the Hollywood Path

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Gain invaluable insights into navigating Hollywood from Alexia Melocchi, a seasoned international producer and financier with decades of experience and credits in all film and television content creation around the world, from idea to distribution. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise paired with tips for acquiring the mental discipline for success is generously shared through a series of articles published in professional media, offering an insider's perspective and invaluable guidance for thriving in the entertainment industry.

There is no business like show business. Have you always wanted to get your idea, project, book into the hands of decision makers but do not know how or what to present to Hollywood?

Are you scared at the thought of "pitching" your idea or move in the room?

Information is power and this book will help you build confidence while giving you the exact framework of how Holllywood truly works.

If you are ready to transform your show business dream into a profitable mission by becoming a rising creative entrepreneur or artist, this book is for you.

Written in a simple “cliff notes” style, with lots of gold nuggets for pitching, confidence building and presentation tools, get ready to learn from an insider how an idea becomes a hit movie or show, including:

  • Why your reputation is more important than your talent.

  • How to build a brand around your project.

  • How body language and buzzwords can drastically improve your pitch.

  • How to get paid like a pro.

  • How to sell your completed movie worldwide.

And many more, including 3 bonus chapters from Alexia’s next book, inspired by her podcast guests.

In Hollywood, content is king. Learn the winning principles to give you the opportunity to present yours.

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