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Hollywood Pitch Perfect
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The Networking & Pitching process
from a Hollywood Insider

In this intensive six-part workshop, Alexia will guide you through a comprehensive exploration, offering personalized coaching to help you perfect your pitch when engaging with global decision-makers. As an added bonus, you'll gain valuable insights into essential business strategies for forging connections within the dynamic realm of Hollywood.

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The course will be available by private link that will be sent to you in MARCH 2024!

"Emotion and Entertainment are closely connected"  - A. Melocchi

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Are you eager for genuine access to Hollywood? Now is the best time to start preparing to turn your creative vision into reality!


Will you be fully prepared for when Hollywood reopens its doors?

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Why now?

If you're yearning to grasp the intricacies of producing and selling films and television shows, it all begins with a compelling pitch. I understand that figuring out what to say and how to present it in a concise and impactful manner can often feel daunting and overwhelming. It's crucial to captivate the interest of the individuals or companies who hold the power to greenlight your project. When you're unable to bridge the gap between the 'what' and the 'how', the landscape can seem quite intimidating. Without proper guidance, missteps can prove costly and may leave you feeling like you're falling short of your dreams.

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The Heart of Showbusiness

I bring a wealth of experience to the table as a successful film and television industry veteran. I've played a pivotal role in the financing and production of films that collectively earned nearly 1 billion dollars worldwide. In addition, I've taken the reins on independent film projects of my own. I've had the privilege of being present in those pivotal Hollywood pitch sessions where industry leaders presented projects that went on to secure Oscars and achieve box office success. On my podcast, THE HEART OF SHOW BUSINESS, I sit down with some of these very individuals for insightful interviews.

What They Say

Philip S.

"Alexia is a phenomenal teacher and mentor! Her vivacious and warming personality took over and made the webinar educational and entertaining. Alexia has way of connecting with people that's very sincere and genuine. She also has an extensive background of real world experiences in the film world which in my eyes, makes her a dynamic speaker."

Discover your why

Delve deep into your motivations and long-term aspirations, uncovering any potential obstacles that might hinder your ability to express your creative purpose effectively.


Forge a deep emotional connection with your concept and master the art of keeping your prospects captivated, inspired, and curious.

Uncover the visual and conversational tools that will propel you forward and help crystallize your vision with confidence.

Who is your audience

Empower yourself with knowledge, as information holds immense power.


Discover how to establish the perfect connection with your future allies, champions, or buyers, fostering enduring and profitable relationships.

Additionally, you will gain valuable insights into distinguishing between demographics and psychographics.

How to pitch in any environment

Discover the core principles and psychological insights that underlie a compelling pitch.

In the dynamic world of Hollywood, effective networking and pitching become second nature, enabling you to connect with any social audience seamlessly.

Uncover the key elements that open doors for you. Gain insights into the subtle differences between pitching on a global stage versus in the US.

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