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The Heart of Show Business Masterclass

Over the course of four weekends, you will have the opportunity to learn how Hollywood truly works, through the lens of a true insider.  The  4-75 minute weekly class will be conducted over zoom on four consecutive Sundays in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) format and we will cover the creative and business process of film and television from concept to development to production to distribution, including the right way to present your work and how to gain access to decision-makers.

  • Have you ever been confused or lost on how to monetize your film or television project?

  • Are you uncertain of what you need to do to reach out to the right companies and individuals that will see your creative work produced, acquired, or distributed?

  • Are you tired of knocking on doors that never open?


In my signature course, I will give you powerful tips for the proper presentation of your work, give you the tools to network and seek powerful alliances with a renewed mindset of clarity and confidence in your own talent and the inner workings of successful Hollywood moguls. Take control of your destiny and get in the driver’s seat of your career. Together we will design a blueprint of success, stacking the cards in your favor to advance your work in the Entertainment Industry.

Find out the details of this not-to-be-missed opportunity to bridge the gap between the technical education of film school to the practical navigation of Show Business. Upon signing you will be part of an exclusive community of creatives in a closed Facebook group. I believe that proximity is power and together, with me as your guide, you can rekindle your love for all things movies and television.

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